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397. Should Libertarians Embrace Postmodernism? w/ Reason’s Nick Gillespie

397. Should Libertarians Embrace Postmodernism? w/ Reason’s Nick Gillespie
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In today’s flagship Lions of Liberty podcast, Marc is joined by editor at large at Reason magazine, Nick Gillespie! Nick breaks down his journey into the libertarian world, as his early influences – including Reason magazine – eventually found him as an advocate for libertarian ideas, working at….Reason magazine! Marc and Nick then dive into the concept of postmodernism – what it means, why it has been conflated with “cultural marxism”, and why Nick feels libertarian ideas naturally interweave with postmodernism. 

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The Lions of Liberty are a group of like-minded individuals, who have come together in an effort to advance the ideas of liberty daily. Marc Clair (Editor-in-chief) has been an ardent believer in libertarian ideals for over a decade, Marc decided to thrust himself into writing for the cause after becoming inspired by the Presidential campaigns of Ron Paul. In 2011, he helped to co-found the Lions Of Liberty with several like-minded friends from their college days at Penn State nearly a decade earlier. When he’s not serving as writer and editor-in-chief of Lions Of Liberty, he is busy with a freelance career in television and running a karaoke business in Los Angeles, CA. Visit

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