US Threatens UK Over Huawei And 5G Wireless

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Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk,

US Sec. of State Mike Pompeo warns the UK about 5G wireless. Pompeo threatens to end defense cooperation with the UK.

Via the Guardian Live Blog, Pompeo warns the UK that Huawei 5G role could put defense cooperation with US at risk.

Here are the main points from the press conference given by Mike Pompeo, the US secretary of state, and Jeremy Hunt, the UK foreign secretary.

Pompeo implied that the UK could put defense cooperation with the US at risk if it allowed Huawei a role in operating its 5G infrastructure. In his opening remarks Pompeo said:

We discussed at some length the importance of secure 5G networks. I will have a little more to say on that this afternoon, but I’m confident that each of our two nations will choose a path which will ensure security of our networks.

Then, when asked if a decision by the UK to allow Huawei a role in constructing its 5G infrastructure, would affect the special relationship, he replied:

I have great confidence that the United Kingdom will never take an action that will break the special relationship.

With respect to 5G, we will continue to have technical discussions. We are making our views very well known from America’s perspective.

Each country has a sovereign right to make its own decision about how to deal with the challenge.

The United States has an obligation to ensure that, [in] places where we operate, places where American information is, places where we have our national security risks, that they operate inside trusted networks. And that’s what we will do.

Pompeo Hammers Jeremy Corbyn

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is a socialist who admires former Venezuela leader Hugo Chavez. Pompeo had this to say.

It is disgusting to see leaders, not only in the United Kingdom but in the United States as well, who continue to support the murderous dictator Maduro.

It is not in either of our country’s best interests for those leaders to continue to advocate on their behalf. The Venezuelan people have spoken through their constitutional mechanism. They have put Juan Guaido as their interim president, and he is the duly elected leader there. And Maduro is on borrowed time.

Hunt Agrees

This is a country where three million people have fled the country, GDP has gone down by 40% in the last four years, people can’t access basic medicine, people are rifling through rubbish bags to get food in the streets. [Shadow chancellor] John McDonnell describes this as socialism in action and I think people need to draw their own conclusions about what his own plans might be for the UK.

Yes, this is the same Labour Party leader that Theresa May is in bed with to deliver Brexit.

5G Issues

In regards to 5G the US is woefully behind. Security threats may be overblown.

Because much of Europe is on previous versions of Huawei, there is a clear backward compatible way forward, but only if those nations using Huawei select its option as the way forward. Otherwise, it may take years to upgrade, and possibly to inferior technology.

For further discussion of 5G issues, please see:

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Ultimately, the EU nations and the UK will make their own decisions. Some of them will undoubtedly select Huawei.

Expect Trump to fume.

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