Candace Owens On Facebook “Hate Agents” Database; Gets ‘Mistakenly’ Banned For ‘Racist Facts’ 

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A source within Facebook has revealed the existence of a list of “hate agents” – a spreadsheet of prominent right-wing and alternative media figures subject to enhanced monitoring, or who have already been banned, according to Breitbart‘s Allum Bokhari.

Included on the list is black conservative activist Candace Owens, who was ‘mistakenly’ banned from Facebook the same day that Breitbart obtained evidence of the list. 

According to the source, a Facebook employee who spoke exclusively to Breitbart News, the spreadsheet of “hate agents” that includes Owens was posted to an internal employee discussion group initially founded by Brian Amerige, the former Facebook engineer who quit the company over concerns about political intolerance.

The source claimed that the spreadsheet includes the names of prominent right-wing and alternative media figures who were recently banned from the platform.

Candace Owens is also included in the spreadsheet, in a separate category marked “extra credit.”Breitbart

The “extra credit” category refers to people that Facebook has not yet banned, but will likely be investigated for potential violations of “hate speech” rules and subject to potential banning. 

A Facebook spokeswoman confirmed the existence of the list, which was created in April, and acknowledged that it’s related to the high-profile bans of several alternative media figures such as Paul Joseph Watson and Laura Loomer on May 2nd. 

According to the report, Breitbart‘s source was able to capture a partial screenshot of the spreadsheet before they were locked out by the list administrator in response to the internal leak. The screenshot reveals that Owens is indeed on the list, along with instructions for Facebook employees to “look into” her after “we’re done with the above designation analysis.” 

Screenshot via Breitbart

Meanwhile, Owens was “mistakenly” suspended from Facebook for seven days after she criticized liberal attitudes on African Americans. 

The post which triggered her banning asked black Americans to “wake up to the great liberal hoax” and recognize that “liberal supremacy” is a greater threat to black americans than white supremacy. 

This is the post which led to her suspension: 

Owens tweeted to President Trump, writing “I am censored for posting the poverty rates in fatherless homes.” 

Facebook has since reversed the ban according to Breitbartstating that they restored her post and removed her block “after confirming that the content didn’t violate our policies.”

A spokeswoman told Breitbart in a statement: “As we said earlier today, we mistakenly applied a temporary block to Candace Owens’ account that we have since restored. We recently announced a group of people that we removed from our services for violating our policies. Candace Owens was not one of those people.”

Previous leaks from Facebook have exposed how the platform developed a “deboosting algorithm”designed to covertly suppress (or “shadowban”) certain content-creators on the platform, making their posts less likely to appear on the feeds of users. According to a Facebook insider who spoke to Project Veritas, this code has been used against prominent conservatives on the platform. –Breitbart

Last week the White House launched a new tool for people to use if they feel they have been unfairly discriminated against over social media. 

Those who feel they have been wrongly banned, censored or suspended on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter can go to “” where the following message will greet them: 

“SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS should advance FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Yet too many Americans have seen their accounts suspended, banned, or fraudulently reported for unclear “violations” of user policies.

No matter your views, if you suspect political bias caused such an action to be taken against you, share your story with President Trump.” 

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