FF 179 – Ro Clausen is Staying Strong as her Husband Serves a 213 Year Sentence

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On today’s show Ro Clausen joins John to share the story of her husband, Adam, who is serving a 213 year sentence in federal prison. Ro went to high school with Adam, but they did not begin to get serious until Adam was already sentenced to 213 years in prison, for a crime where nobody was harmed or injured. 

Ro has used her years of experience being married to an incarcerated felon to help others avoid the pain that she felt while figuring it all out on her own.

Ro has a YouTube channel called Strong Prison Wives, where she makes videos in relation to being a strong prison wife. She shares crazy visit stories, how to’s, Q&As, visit outfits, lifestyle hacks, reviews, vlogs, interviews, and live streams.

Ro is optimistic that Adam’s sentence will get reduced and she will get to enjoy a relationship with her husband as a free man. 

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