FF 180 – Lyfe After the Feds – From Prison to Purpose

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On today’s show Tieshae Huntsman and Francine Williams AKA “Teddy B” join John to share their journey from prison to purpose. They are both ex-felons who have unbelievable stories to share. 

Their stories are very different, but share a common thread of trauma and uncertainty in their early years. This environment played a role in creating situations where they made questionable decision that led them to prison. 

Now they want to give back so others who have suffered a similar fate can find healing and a community by sharing this common bond. Together they have formed a TV and Film production company and are currently in production of a reality show called “Lyfe After the Feds”. 

The show features three ex-felons who were released from the penitentiary. It also displays the struggles they face every day while reintegrating into the world and their ability to stay focused while building successful businesses.

Follow Lyfe After the Feds on Instagram: @tedddybeee @Lyfeafterthefeds   Life After Foundation: Instagram: @lyfeafterfdt Facebook: Lyfe After Foundation    Check out Tieshae’s catering business: Southern Taco

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