ELL 129: A Week of Profound Bullsh**

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On this week’s Electric Libertyland Brian can’t help but revel in the astounding raft of utter bullsh*t being peddled by the government and media in the past week. First it’s Iran and the oil tankers. Second Kellyanne Conway gets “Hatched.” Next Alex Jones and kiddie porn. Then a black Boeing employee suing the company over a “noose over his desk.” A rapper shot 55 times by cops sleeping in a Taco Bell drive-thru. A UK TV channel banning male-only writing teams. What a load. But that’s not all, after swimming through all that excrement Brian looks at the Hong Kong extradition protests, CA firefighters unions trying to make life hell for ex-felons, and knit-twits causing a social justice warrior riot in the yarn world.

Show notes: www.lionsofliberty.com/ell129 

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