FF 181 – Businessman’s Hellish Trip through 3rd World Prisons and Super-max Facilities with Warren Stelman

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On today’s episode Warren Stelman joins the show to discuss his journey through a Dominican prison and a super-max prison for white collar crimes. He is the author of the book Gorilla Tango: From Businessman to Convicted Felon and Surviving the US Prison System.

In 2013 he was sentenced to 75 months in prison for his participation in a Dominican-based telemarketing fraud scheme.

The book shares his journey through hellish conditions in third-world jails, fourteen months in the super-max Metropolitan Correctional Center, New York, and four more years in a United States Federal prison. 

Not only is Warren a great writer, but he’s also a world class story teller. You aren’t going to want to miss this episode!

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