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During the Iraq war, there was one source I consulted multiple times a day: Antiwar.com.

I made regular donations to it for years, and from time to time I’d add a larger, one-time donation.

Justin Raimondo had been the soul of Antiwar.com since its founding in 1995. He had the neocons’ number. His writing style was punchy and devastating. You did not want to be on the wrong side of Justin’s pen.

Justin lost his battle with lung cancer yesterday afternoon. He was 67.

After learning of Justin’s death yesterday, I went back and re-read some of our old email exchanges. This one made me especially happy:

Eric tells me that you raised around $2500 in a special fundraiser for Antiwar.com.

I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am: that you did this on your own, unsolicited, is really enormously gratifying to me. And it comes at a time when I’ve been feeling more alienated than ever from most libertarians, and not only over the Trump issue.

Just the other day it struck me that Antiwar.com has received practically NO acknowledgement from libertarian institutions: no awards, no kudos, no nothing! This after over 20 years of running what has become the go-to place for anti-interventionist news & views. We even have a Drudge link!

Hearing that you’ve done this for us made me think — well, we ARE getting recognition from the people who count!

Again, many thanks. You’ve made my week, my month, my year!

I reproduce this because Justin is correct: the bootlickers who occupy the official libertarian movement have resolutely pretended that Antiwar.com does not exist. Justin was straightforward and blunt; they wanted to use regime-approved phrases like “U.S. interests.”

But we who make up the heart and soul of the movement loved Justin, and will miss him dearly.

I’ll be discussing Justin and his important work in an upcoming episode of the Tom Woods Show, so if you haven’t yet subscribed (for free, of course), I urge you to do so now:


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