CNN Admits 2020 Democrats’ “Voters, You’re All Wrong” Strategy Is The Dumbest Ever

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Democratic presidential candidates appear to have painted themselves into a corner – abandoning their giant moderate base in order to ‘out-left’ each other, while promoting “radical, nonsensical, unpopular ideas that please only a slim minority of your own people” according to CNN‘s S. E. Cupp. 

In a blistering monologue on Saturday, Cupp suggested that the 2020 candidates may be setting themselves up for failure in the general election with one of the “dumbest strategies” she’s ever encountered. 

Proposals that were widely agreed upon by the candidates included; support for a woman’s unfettered access to abortion, free heathcare for people who live here illegally. Other items that had some support on the debate stage; government-run healthcare for all, free college tuition, and decriminalizing illegal border crossings. 

For people who, I don’t know, think that there should be some abortion restrictions, who believe we should probably work on increasing access to healthcare for American citizens, people who might like to keep their private insurance – who don’t want to pay other students’ college debt, who cross the border legally and pay taxes.” 

Are there any Democrats running for those people? People who, I’m guessing probably constitute a majority?

Who stood up on that stage this week and attempted to reach any disaffected Trump  voters? Moderates? Independents? I guess in the Democratic party those folks don’t matter. They’re unimportant. They don’t count. 

Only the far-left progressives who believe government is the cure-all for every problem deserve a presidential candidate’s attention and concern. The rest of you, well, you’re just wrong. If you think the economy is doing well, you’re wrong according to Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker. All 71% of you. If you think you’re health insurance works just fine and you’d like to keep it, you’re wrong, according to Warren, Bill de Blasio and Bernie Sanders. 

If you think record unemployment is a good sign of a strong economy, you’re wrong – it isn’t, according to Kamala Harris. 

Telling a majority of voters you’re all wrong has to be one of the dumbest strategies I’ve ever encountered.

If this is the message Democrats have for voters, they should all just change their slogans to “I know better than you.” 

If the aim is to beat the President, I’m pretty sure that’s a loser idea. 

So is pitching radical, nonsensical, unpopular ideas that please only a slim minority of your own people. In fact, the winner of both debates might just have been Donald Trump



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