Single Payer Goes Gomer Pyle

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As many would know, Australia has a single payer medical system, augmented by private insurance. What that means is that if you carry private insurance, you do not have to wait months, even years, for “elective” surgeries, like knee surgeries, etc., but rather can get taken care of immediately with your choice of doctor and hospital. Most single payer countries (Hello, Canucks!) have long waiting lists, as, well, single payer is so damn expensive you just have to wait, because, you know, no money for you! The private insurance costs around $2000 per person, and is somewhat subsidised by the government to encourage people take insurance so as to try to keep single payer costs down.

Well, darn it, it just is not working, dontchaknow. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! Those pesky young folks simply will not pay for insurance they do not need, the cost of insurance is rising rapidly, the older folks are saying screw it, we cannot afford insurance, and the insurance companies are going broke, and the government costs are skyrocketing as a result.

Any of this sound familiar? A few years ago, there was an Australian treasurer who said this would happen, as, well, maffs, and as a result he was ridden out of politics on a rail. Blinkers went on, can got kicked, and, well, the problem did not go away.

So guess what next? One plan being bandied about is to eliminate single payer altogether, and force everyone to take out private insurance. Of course, some cannot afford it, so those that can will subsidize those that cannot – that is the plan, anyway. Now where have I heard that one before? What is it called again? Oh, yeah, Obamacare. It was stupid when Obama proposed it, and it is stupid when desperate Oz politicians propose it.

The problem remains – the cost of the insurance will continue to skyrocket under this Australianobamacare. Australia medical care costs a fraction of what it does in the US, but still this problem remains: there is just not enough money to suck out of the productive to give to the parasites. The costs escalate exponentially.

So, how do you think that Bernie’s, the Dem’s, etc., plan will work? What will happen when you force the productive to 100% subsidize the parasites? What incentive will the modestly productive have, given they can say screw it and just take a small step back, not have to work, become parasites, and suck up bennies? Rinse and repeat, as costs skyrocket, and the productive increasingly get bled dry.

Folks, here is the deal. You simply cannot create a system where you guarantee “rights” like healthcare, jobs, housing, lifetime incomes and are able to pay for it. It simply cannot work. Human nature forbids it, and the maffs are clear. If you pillage from the productive, they slowly and steadily toss in the towel, and the unproductive parasites have an endless ability to suck ever more blood from the host.

And hey! While we are at it, what say we guarantee free medical care to every Juan, Ramos, and Geraldo that can jump the border. I mean, it is only fair that the productive pay for them, too.

I leave you with this truth:

Our governments are full of idiots. And those idiots will try every stupid idea, no matter how ruinous, and no matter how many times the idea has been tried and has failed elsewhere, rather than do the one thing that will work, which is to return to a system where people are made responsible for themselves, and where the productive are not made, at the barrel of a gun, to support parasites.

(I wonder if I will be exempt from AustraliaObamacare like I am from Obamacare because, you know, Indian! Probably not. All good things come to an end, I guess.)

Reprinted from The Burning Platform.

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