414. Brian Nichols on His Rand-to-Ron Reverse Libertarian Red-Pilling

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In today’s flagship Lions of Liberty podcast, Marc welcomes in the host of The Brian Nichols Show…that’s right, you guessed it – it’s Brian Nichols! Brian details how he drifted into libertarianism from the Republican Party after Rand Paul backdoor red-pilled him into the ideas of liberty, sending him down the all-too-famous Ron Paul YouTube rabbit hole…and you know how it goes from there. Brian and Marc the mental gymnastics libertarians often have to partake in in order to reconcile their burgeoning libertarian views with their cultural upbringings, and how their journeys as podcasters have helped to shape the way they interact with others and discuss the ideas of liberty. And after flirting with calling himself a “voluntaryist” early in the show, Brian is pressed on the topic of just what his libertarian “label” is. 

We had a blast doing this interview, and hope you had a great time listening! 

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