FF 190 – No More Locked Doors! Michael Monsivais is Helping Felons Find Freedom

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On today’s show Michael Monsivais makes his return to the show. Michael has an incredible story that you can hear in detail on Episode 147 of this show. 

Michael will be the first to admit that he made mistakes, but he turned his life around while in prison. He turned an obstacle into an opportunity and started a welding program to teach and certify his fellow prisoners. He has taken that one step further since getting his freedom by founding “No More Locked Doors,” which is a non-profit with the goal helping the formerly incarcerated get the skills and education to help with reintegration back into life on the outside. 

During the show we spent some time discussing the violent attack that Michael was subjected to by BOP prison guards while incarcerated at FCI Lompoc.

Michael suffered severe burns when prison guards threw flashbangs that landed on top of him and burned him badly. Instead of getting proper medical care, he was thrown in the SHU for 71 days. His story was profiled recently by Reason, which talked about neglect of prisoners by the Bureau of Prisons and connected that to Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

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