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Watch: Trump Accidentally Discusses Top Secret Technology Used In The Border Wall   

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Watch: Trump Accidentally Discusses Top Secret Technology Used In The Border Wall   

During a three-day trip to the West, President Trump moments ago visited the Mexico–U.S. border region near San Diego. While speaking to a group of reporters, he accidentally disclosed sensitive technology that is embedded in the border wall. 

Trump told reporters that the steel bollard-style wall that’s made of hollow, vertical steel beams filled with concrete and rebar, is “wired – so that we will know if somebody is trying to breakthrough.”

He then turns to the right and asks a top U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) official to discuss the technology at length. The CBP official responds by saying, “Sir, there could be some merit in not discussing that.”

The technology at play appears to be a smart fence that will alert CBP agents if a breach is underway, and will likely tell them exactly where. 

Neither Trump nor the official disclosed how the sensors work, but it’s evident that this is the first time the technology has been mentioned to the press. 

Oh my god. Trump starts to discuss apparently sensitive technology deployed at the border. Asks the General in charge to describe the technology.

The General’s response: “Sir, there could be some merit in not discussing that.” pic.twitter.com/FlSmiNTbLM

— Scott Stedman (@ScottMStedman) September 18, 2019

At the same site last year, located in the border area of Otay Mesa, a San Diego neighborhood along the Mexican border, Trump saw eight prototype walls, of which none were picked, and all destroyed to make way for 14 miles of steel bollard-style walls.

Trump is riding a series of big wins on the wall and immigration. Arrests and incoming immigrants to the U.S. have plunged in recent months, showing that Trump’s policies, in conjunction with the 20,000 Mexican troops on the border, are working. Last week, the Supreme Court allowed Trump to refuse asylum to people who travel through another country on the way to the Mexico–U.S. border without having sought protection in that third country.

In July, CBP confirmed that, 60 miles of replacement wall had been built since 2017, with 450 miles of the wall expected to be completed by 4Q20. There was no mention by Trump or the official of how much of the wall is “wired,” or like what we said is “smart.” 

Tyler Durden

Wed, 09/18/2019 – 20:15

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