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11/7/19 Ali M. Latifi on Life in the Most Drone-Bombed Country in the World

Ali Latifi talks about his reporting on the drone war in Afghanistan, the most drone-bombed country in the world. He tells us one of the most troubling facts about America’s drone campaigns: that almost everyone who is killed in a drone strike gets labeled an “enemy combatant” by default, and the only way to change that label is by an American investigation after the fact, which rarely happens. This would even include journalists like Latifi, who holds a U.S. passport, when he puts himself at personal risk during his reporting. Sadly, the mainstream U.S. media has pretty much stopped covering this war.

Discussed on the show:

Ali M. Latifi is a journalist based in Kabul. He has reported on the struggles of Afghan refugees in Greece and Turkey since 2013 and has traveled across Afghanistan covering America’s drone war there. Follow him on Twitter @alibomaye.

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