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Sneak Vote on Patriot Act Renewal Today

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Today, while everyone is distracted by the impeachment drama, Congress will vote to extend warrantless data collection provisions of the #PatriotAct, by hiding this language on page 25 of the Continuing Resolution (CR) that temporarily funds the government. To sneak this through, Congress will first vote to suspend the rule which otherwise gives us (and the people) 72 hours to consider a bill.

The scam here is that Democrats are alleging abuse of Presidential power, while simultaneously reauthorizing warrantless power to spy on citizens that no President should have… in a bill that continues to fund EVERYTHING the President does… and waiving their own rules to do it.

I predict Democrats will vote on a party line to suspend the 72 hour rule. But after the rule is suspended, I suspect many Republicans will join most Democrats to pass the CR with the Patriot Act extension embedded in it.

It’s quite possible that your member of Congress doesn’t even know the Patriot Act reauthorization is in the CR. Here’s a phone directory of the House of Representatives.

At the end of today, I will post the roll call vote on the resolution to waive the 72 hour rule, as well as the roll call vote for passage of the CR that contains the Patriot Act extension.

Reprinted from Mr. Massie’s Facebook Page.

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