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The War on Woods Just Picked Up Steam

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This is a long one but you will savor it like a fine wine, I promise.

Last week I reviewed with you some of the craziness that comes from a small group of left-libertarians on social media I have dubbed the Loser Brigade.

Now let me be blunt: these people do not matter in any way. Nobody has ever heard of any of them, and if you combine their lifetime output it doesn’t match what I crank out in a month.

But Woods, you say, they must matter or why else would you mention them?

To make money off them, of course.

Jordan Peterson once said, “I have figured out how to monetize the Social Justice Warriors.”

I think that’s the best thing he’s ever said.

The more they attack him, the richer he gets. And the richer he gets the more they attack him, because left-egalitarians hate nothing more than other people’s success and happiness.

People like this are, without fail, miserable in their personal lives. They want to spread their misery to you. When you just laugh at them, or you ridicule them, they become more and more deranged.

I insist that you bear this in mind in your own life. Anyone who acts the way these people do is never happy. Not ever, not once. They are envious, they are bitter at their own lack of accomplishment, and they hate to see someone enjoying his life — as I most certainly do.

The very last thing they are is crusaders for justice. They are anything in the world but that.

The only reason ever to respond to people like this is to line your pockets, the way I’m about to do.

Incidentally, the Loser Brigade consists of left-libertarians, but the very bottom of the left-libertarian barrel. Even though I disagree with left-libertarianism, the scholarly ones are actually my friends — they’ve been on my show, we visit when we’re in proximity to one another, etc.

It’s only the losers who give me grief, which is why I call them the Loser Brigade.

When I was writing Meltdown, the New York Times bestseller that exonerated capitalism for the financial crisis, they were doing nothing. (Prove me wrong!)

When I created 400 homeschool videos on Western civilization, so homeschoolers would understand the Western legacy of liberty, they were doing nothing — because if all of them put together could have delivered one of these lectures, I’d be shocked.

When I wrote We Who Dared to Say No to War, with the late Murray Polner, a man of the hard left, and we got a coveted starred review from Publishers Weekly and Ralph Nader bought 1200 copies, they were flapping their gums about outreach to the left, which unlike me they never actually do, since the left doesn’t know who they are and holds them in contempt anyway.

When I was invited to deliver lectures in Iowa by the state Republican Party and I gently but firmly told the attendees that they needed to knock off the warmongering, the Loser Brigade was doing nothing because they would never have been invited in the first place.

The latest bit of insanity is this: Woods is against “race mixing.”

What is this?

Never in my life have I said or written a word about that subject, or ever so much as hinted that interracial relationships were the business of anyone other than the individuals involved. (Unlike the Loser Brigade, which literally mocks the Nonaggression Principle, I actually believe in it.)

As my friends well know, I myself spent two years in an interracial relationship. And I assure you, we did not call the authorities on ourselves!

Evidently I used the phrase “ethnic cohesion” in an article 24 years ago, and that is what they are basing this claim on.

Since you’re a normal person, you assume I must be joking.

I’m not.

The reference was to the policy in the Soviet Union of moving ethnic Russians into the Baltic states for the purpose of rendering them more readily amenable to state domination.

From this they charitably conclude that I must favor state suppression of interracial relationships.

I’m not kidding.

Yes, people like this exist.

Woods Derangement Syndrome, we may as well call it. It really deserves a name of its own.

It might be worth recalling that Stalin undertook the Holodomor in order to destroy Ukrainian nationalism, the better to make subjects out of the Ukrainian people. It was almost as if Ukrainian culture had served as some kind of resistance mechanism against Soviet domination.

Whoops, there I go: I said the word culture. We all know that can only mean fascism!

Imagine being so course and unlearned.

Their crazy anti-Woods jihad relies on preposterously uncharitable interpretations of isolated sentences. Normal people look and say, “You got that from that sentence?” 

These are not normal people.

Gene Epstein, formerly of Barron’s and now director of the Soho Forum, the premier libertarian debate series in the country, speculated on my podcast last week as to why people like this attack me.

I’ll give you a hint: no aspect of his theory involved, “After an honest review of your work, they concluded you are a bad person.”


One of my most prized possessions is my “Monetize Your Haters” shirt, designed by Eric July.

I’ve done that before. When crazed rapper Talib Kweli, who thought the Nazis put up the Berlin Wall to protect themselves against diversity (he almost deserves a prize for the multiple levels of wrongness there), went on a rampage against me, I held an impromptu sale on one of my products using his name as the coupon code, and raked in a pile of dough.

That’s how you do it.

Make their hatred enrich you.

If you’re one of the folks who appreciates and benefits from what I do and the vast array of topics I cover every weekday to make you a more informed and persuasive libertarian, I am asking you to be part of my sinister plan.

My Supporting Listeners program is full of benefits you’ll love as my way of saying thanks.

Not to mention, it includes membership in the legendary Tom Woods Show Elite.

If you’ve been meaning to join, I recommend right now.

Sometimes this is called spitefunding.

I intend to raise money for the Tom Woods Show on the backs of these imbeciles.

If that sounds appealing to you, if on a gut level that just sounds like the right thing to do right now, then warm my heart, let me know you’re out there and click here:

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