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Well, Guess Who Just Got Jury Duty

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I’ve just been called for jury duty.

This happened last year, too.

Most of the time, I call in to the automated system the day I’m supposed to report for duty and I’m told I’m not needed. Not last year, though. I had to report.

So in I went.

Now: normally I agree with those who say that if you possibly can, you should get yourself onto a jury. Maybe you’ll wind up saving some poor soul who’s been railroaded by the state and/or who’s being hounded for a victimless crime.

Unfortunately, the timing couldn’t have been worse for me last year, so I genuinely did want to be excused.

My group was called into the courtroom, and the judge — who was friendly enough, but treated us like we were 7 — explained our role and responsibilities.

I wish I could remember the exact wording of a particular question he asked us, but it was along the lines of, “Is there anyone in here who would have trouble following any of the instructions I might give you?” (The question was actually worse than this, such that you’d have to be a lemming of shocking proportions not to object, but for the life of me I cannot recall the wording.)

Naturally, your host here was the only person to raise his hand.

The judge asked for clarification.

I explained, “I believe juries have the right to judge both the facts and the law” — the classic statement of jury nullification.

I added that I had said this quite publicly and indeed in my published work, so I thought it best that he be aware of this before my presence on the jury caused potential problems.

He asked a follow-up question that I was in good conscience able to answer in the affirmative, and we moved on. Shortly thereafter, we were briefly dismissed.

After a few moments, the numbers were called out for the would-be jurors who had been dismissed. You’ll never guess who was among them.

So it surprised me that I’d been called again. (I’ll be in London the day they’re asking me to report, so I’ll file for an extension.) I assumed I’d be on a permanent blacklist.

In any event: I do still think it’s best, when possible, for folks like you and me to look out for fellow citizens who may be in the state’s crosshairs, so I’m not necessarily going to try to excuse myself whenever next time comes up.


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