436 Who Sunk the Hawaii Super Ferry? The Nittany Level Premier!

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In today’s flagship Lions of Liberty podcast, host Marc Clair is joined by his normal “Conspiracy Corner” crew of J.B., Howie and Rico for the debut of a new regular feature on Lions of Liberty, the Nittany Level Choice! Each month, one of our supporters on Patreon at $50/month aka the “Nittany” level will choose a topic us to banter about on the show. This month, supporter Craig de Costa wanted us to look into the (metaphorical) sinking of the Hawaii Super Ferry, a seemingly popular option for tourists and businessman that was quickly shut down by protests and court orders, before the physical ships were then purchased by the U.S. Navy. The CC team takes a look at the case and ponders just what cronyist forces may have been at play, and how this should be viewed through the libertarian prism. Plus, Craig himself comes on the show to give his thoughts!

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