Chinese Architect Suggests Walking Around In A Bubble (Literally) To Avoid Coronavirus

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Chinese Architect Suggests Walking Around In A Bubble (Literally) To Avoid Coronavirus

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Get in the bubble…

A Chinese architect has designed a wearable bubble that he claims will protect people from the coronavirus by killing it with UV lights.

Dayong Sun claims that the lightweight carbon fiber frame can be worn like a backpack, with a thermoplastic material encasing the wearer and heating up to a temperature that will kill pathogens.

Sun says that the contraption effectively produces an enclosed sterilized environment.

Wearers would literally be living in a bubble.

“The coronavirus will be killed by temperatures of 56 degrees Celsius,” (133 degrees Fahrenheit)  the inventor told Dezeen.

“The PVC film cover is like our car windshields – there are heater wire in between the glass for heat the ice and snow in the winter,” he added.

The World Health Organization responded to the suggestion by pointing out that UV lamps should not be used in close proximity to the skin, given that UV radiation can cause irritation and illnesses.

“Sure we still need to do lot of work with engineers for the real production.” Sun stated.

The architect is marketing the contraption as bat wings, which is somewhat ironic, given that the coronavirus was likely contracted from bats.

You wanna live in a bubble?

Get in the bubble. Maybe eat some insects while you’re in there.

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Tue, 03/03/2020 – 13:35

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