455. Libertarian Party POTUS Debate #1

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The 1st Lions of Liberty Libertarian Party Presidential Debate, co-hosted by Marc Clair and Brian McWilliams, featuring Jacob Hornberger, Judge Jim Gray, Jo Jorgensen, Andy Williams, Jr., Sorinne Ardeleanu and Vermin Supreme!

Don’t forget to tune into our Libertarian Party POTUS Debate #2 on Friday March 8th at 6pm EST. This one will feature Sam Robb, Arvin Vohra, Adam Kokesh, Dan “Taxation is Theft” Behrman, John McAfee and John Monds. It will stream live on our Facebook page at Facebook.com/LionsOfLiberty Not only that, this Monday we’ll feature an exclusive interview with newly-exploring-seeking-the-LP-nomination and first Libertarian U.S. Congressman in history, Justin Amash!

Listen to this episode.

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