“Elon Is An Arrogant Ass”: Green Energy Blog Unloads On Tesla CEO In Stunning Diatribe

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“Elon Is An Arrogant Ass”: Green Energy Blog Unloads On Tesla CEO In Stunning Diatribe

Tyler Durden

Thu, 05/14/2020 – 13:00

It’s been an interesting experiment over the last 72 hours, watching the former liberal poster-boy Elon Musk’s approval rating with Democrats and the left decline sharply, while being embraced by such right wing icons as Ted Cruz and President Trump.

The shift in sentiment is due to Musk’s ongoing defiance of California’s lockdown rules in order to open his Fremont car factory. There are varying theories as to why Musk is so obsessed with re-opening, ranging from “he just wants to meet demand with more cars” to “something obviously amiss may show up clearly in the financials if everyone knows the company’s main plant was shut down for the quarter”. 

Regardless, many on the left have had enough of watching Musk casually put his workers’ lives at risk, just days after collecting a $700 million compensation bonus. The latest to fall off the wagon is the generally pro-Tesla lot over at CleanTechnica – a blog notorious for defending Musk and touting Tesla’s achievements over the years. 

Whether the “check didn’t clear” or they’ve just had enough, a new blog post on their site called “Random Thoughts On Elon Musk, The Fremont Factory, Liberty, & The Coronavirus” has made it clear that the site has had enough of Musk’s antics. 

“For years, I have had a sneaking suspicion that Elon Musk is an arrogant ass. His intransigence about calling the automated driving features of Tesla automobiles Autopilot when that label confuses some people is troubling,” the article starts. 

“Tweeting about the company’s stock price is, quite frankly, stupid. The rules and regulations of the SEC are complex. No prudent person would risk violating those rules for his own selfish gratification,” it continues.

The article then takes aim at Musk’s recent spat with Alameda County, calling the CEO a “self-important jerk”: 

“Telling officials of Alameda County to take their public health directives and shove them is not the act of a wise man. Nor is threatening to move the company to another state. Both come across as the actions of a self-important jerk who believes he can defecate in the middle of a crowded room and pretend nothing out of the ordinary happened.”

“A string of extra zeroes in your bank account is no excuse for boorish behavior,” it continues.

The author then goes on to state that he is “far less likely” to purchase a Tesla this week than he was last week. And that he “sure as hell would not join a space mission to Mars to live in a colony ruled according to the dictates of an egomaniac like Elon.”

Finally, the post pleads with Musk to “grow up”:

Ripping society apart with bile-filled outbursts is the polar opposite of what the world needs to meet the challenges of the future. Grow up, Elon. It’s time to act like an adult, not an overgrown baby.

At the same time, other mainstream media news outlets that used to offer Musk praise, like CNN, have also turned on the CEO (and the SEC, who is tasked with keeping Musk in line).

“…for better or worse, the barriers that are set up by society are dependent on the institutions that maintain them to ensure their strength,” CNN wrote on Tuesday.

“But those barriers were not designed to withstand an assault from an aggressive CEO backed by vast personal wealth, workers faced with a soaring unemployment rate, and a regulatory framework that crumbles when faced with a genuine, calamitous test.

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