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Jo Jorgensen Wins Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination

Jo Jorgensen Wins Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination
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In a day-long virtual convention, after four ballots, the 1,035 delegates assembled for the Libertarian Party convention selected Jo Jorgensen for their presidential candidate.

She won with slightly over 51 percent of the vote (not every delegate voted in every round) on that fourth ballot, with 524 votes. Jacob Hornberger came in second with nearly 28 percent of the vote. Vermin Supreme came in third, with 20 percent of the final vote.

Reason ran an interview with Jorgensen, who is a lecturer in psychology at Clemson and had been the party’s vice presidential candidate on a ticket with Harry Browne in 1996, on Thursday.

The L.P.’s voting procedure involved six candidates officially in nomination: Jorgensen, Jacob Hornberger, Vermin Supreme, John Monds, Judge James Gray, and Adam Kokesh. (Though members could vote for other people if they wanted, or for NOTA, and many did.)

Jorgensen led the vote in every round, though she was only 12 votes ahead of runner-up Jacob Hornberger on the first round. As per the L.P.’s procedure, the lowest vote getter in each round was technically eliminated for the next one.

Kokesh was eliminated after round one, Gray after round two, and Monds after round three. Jorgensen’s lead grew with each round, to 82 votes over Hornberger in the second round, and a 126 vote lead on the third. Hornberger’s support remained pretty steady, rising only to 285 from his first-round 236 votes.

Jorgensen vowed to “make this the most successful campaign we can” in a speech after the results came in. Runner-up Hornberger said in a concession speech that he “hold[s] her in the highest respect and esteem.”

Joseph Bishop-Henchmen, an at-large representative on the Libertarian National Committee who is running for its chairmanship this year, said in a written message on learning of her victory that “Jo Jorgensen has proven that she is a fighter, and will serve as a great contrast to the 70+ year old men she’s taking on. She brought a remarkably diverse group of Libertarians together.”

Jorgensen’s vice presidential running mate will be selected in a second vote scheduled for tomorrow.



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