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When a Mask Becomes Part of the Required Work Uniform

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Wearing a mask at a store or other place where doing so is required of customers or visitors, or where there seems to be pressure either from the venue operators or the surrounding mask-wearers to do so, can be uncomfortable, even sickening. This can especially be the case for older and less healthy individuals for whom walking around while shopping can be a physical activity approaching or as strenuous as a younger, healthier person running a mile. The younger, healthier person can run a mile alright, but consider him trying to do so with his face and nose covered. He will surely run slower or be more exhausted in his masked mile run.

In general, the older and less healthy a person is, the more he can expect wearing a mask to cause physical trouble. Yet, the reaction of one’s body to the imposing of a new impediment, in this case on breathing, can be surprising. People who can run a mile easily can also suffer physical problems from wearing a mask while going about their daily activities. And psychological harm from mask wearing can afflict people of all ages and physical fitness levels.

Now put the younger, healthier mile runner in one of the many jobs that, because of the coronavirus scare and business rules often pushed or mandated by governments, requires he wear a mask while on the clock. His minute-by-minute exertion on the job is likely far less than while he is running a mile. His mile run, though, would be over in, say, six to 12 minutes. In contrast, his total masked work time through the day will be measured in hours, say, eight hours a day for five days each week.

That regimen of several hours of breathing inhibition day after day can take its toll on even people in well above average physical condition. And, keep in mind, a substantial portion of the people bearing this burden to work at their jobs are not able to complete a mile run.

Sunday at Target Liberty, Robert Wenzel addressed some of the negative health consequences people required to wear masks at work in the name of countering coronavirus are suffering. Read here Wenzel’s analysis of this matter and of the psychological manipulation being used by coronavirus scaremongers to whip up fear among people in order to ensure mask mandates and other coronavirus crackdown measures can be maintained and even expanded.

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