CVS Told Staff Not To Reveal That COVID-Positive Employee Filled Their Prescriptions: Leaked Email

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CVS Told Staff Not To Reveal That COVID-Positive Employee Filled Their Prescriptions: Leaked Email

Tyler Durden

Mon, 08/31/2020 – 14:45

An internal email leaked from CVS Health reveals that the company instructed pharmacy employees not to tell patients that someone who tested positive for COVID-19 had filled their prescriptions, according to Business Insider.

A Georgia CVS technician shared the internal email with Business Insider that asked employees to track down which prescriptions were filled by a COVID-positive employee and to pull them from the shelves. However, the email also emphasized that if a patient had already picked up one of those prescriptions, the standard policy is to “NOT make an outreach call.”Business Insider

A spokesman for CVS, Michael DeAngelis, told Business Insider “We are looking into your specific question. Generally speaking, our priority during this pandemic is the safety of our employees, patients, and customers.”

According to a technician, staff were threatened with disciplinary action or termination if they revealed that someone at the store had tested positive for the virus.

“We were told not to contact anyone or let anyone know,” the technician told BI.

Meanwhile, at least 14 employees across the United States anonymously told the outlet that CVS has been “bullying” staff while disregarding their safety during the pandemic. Business Insider has confirmed their identities.

Staff have said that CVS has ignored incidents of potential coronavirus exposure and forced employees to work while sick. DeAngelis confirmed to Business Insider last week that it is CVS’s policy to allow employees to work after exposure or testing positive while asymptomatic.

DeAngelis said CVS allows asymptomatic employees to work if they wear surgical masks, self-monitor for symptoms, and if their temperature is taken before and after every shift for 14 days after exposure. –Business Insider

DeAngeles added that employees are allowed to request time off even if they are asymptomatic (no word on whether that request is granted) – though the Georgia technician’s coworker both showed symptoms and tested positive, yet was allowed to work in close proximity to others “because they couldn’t have anyone else out of work,” the tech said.

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