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Michael Moore: Trump Could Beat Biden In Yet Another “Reality Check” For Democrats

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Michael Moore: Trump Could Beat Biden In Yet Another “Reality Check” For Democrats

Tyler Durden

Mon, 08/31/2020 – 22:05

Michael Moore seems to be one of the very few liberals that understands that widespread looting and rioting, currently being enabled by left-wing politicians, may not be the best look for his party heading into November. 

In fact, the liberal filmmaker seems to have made peace with the idea that President Trump could once again win election in 2020. 

Citing “enthusiasm for the President”, Moore warned that he has “momentum in some battleground states” and that a “reality check” could once again be incoming for those who think Trump could lose the election. Moore was famously one of the very few to predict that Trump would win in 2016, the Guardian notes. 

Moore posted on his Facebook page late last week: “Are you ready for a Trump victory? Are you mentally prepared to be outsmarted by Trump again? Do you find comfort in your certainty that there is no way Trump can win? Are you content with the trust you’ve placed in the DNC [Democratic National Committee] to pull this off?”

He continued: “The Biden campaign just announced he’ll be visiting a number of states – but not Michigan. Sound familiar?”

“I’m warning you almost 10 weeks in advance. The enthusiasm level for the 60 million in Trump’s base is OFF THE CHARTS! For Joe, not so much,” Moore said. “Don’t leave it to the Democrats to get rid of Trump. YOU have to get rid of Trump. WE have to wake up every day for the next 67 days and make sure each of us are going to get a hundred people out to vote. ACT NOW!”


Moore also pointed to recent polls that show Trump closing the gap on Biden, stating that the two candidates were in a “virtual tie” in some battleground states. 

Moore, who supported Bernie Sanders in 2016, said in October 2016: “Trump’s election is going to be the biggest ‘f*** you’ ever recorded in human history – and it will feel good. Whether Trump means it or not is kind of irrelevant because he’s saying the things to people who are hurting, and that’s why every beaten-down, nameless, forgotten working stiff who used to be part of what was called the middle class loves Trump.”

President Trump noted Moore’s prognostication in an early Sunday morning Tweet:



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