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Remocrats versus Depublicans

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While conservatives and progressives are all hyped up over the presidential election, this political farce is pretty pathetic from the standpoint of a libertarian. After all, the real issue for libertarians when it comes to Donald Trump or Joe Biden is: Which one will be worse from the standpoint of tyranny and oppression? That’s pretty pathetic.

Consider the major issues on which both of these statists agree:

Social Security
Public schooling
Federal Reserve
Drug War
War on Terrorism
Foreign interventionism
Military industrial complex
Foreign military bases
A managed and regulated economy
Income taxation and the IRS
Mandatory lockdowns and mask-wearing
Immigration controls
Trade restrictions and trade wars
Denial of due process and trial by jury
Gun Control
Minimum wage
Foreign aid
Departments of Labor, Energy, Education, Homeland Security, and others
Fiat money
Welfare state
National security state

Given the similar positions and philosophy, what then are Trump and Biden fighting about?

They and their cohorts are fighting over control. They each want to manage this corrupt and crooked system so that they will have the power and money that comes with it. That’s what this election is ultimately all about — power and money.

Democrats and Republicans are really just one big party divided into two wings, much as Major League Baseball is one entity divided into two leagues. One could call the two major parties the Remocrats and the Depublicans, given that there are no fundamental differences between the two of them.

If anyone wishes to understand the morass in which our nation finds itself, all one has to do is examine the list above. That’s the reason for the morass, compliments of both Remocrats and Depublicans.

There is one — and only one — way to pull our nation out of this deep morass—libertarianism, which necessarily entails a dismantling of all the things listed above. Libertarianism is the only way to restore freedom, peace, prosperity, and harmony to our land.

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