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Thank You, Nancy Pelosi!!


San Francisco will allow indoor hair and nail salons and gyms to open with limited capacity Monday, nearly six months after coronavirus shelter-in-place orders shuttered them.

Notes the San Francisco Chronicle:

The moves accelerate San Francisco’s timelines for reopening, after the city previously signaled a cautious approach to the loosening of restrictions.

What is really going on is that mini-Mao San Francisco Mayor London Breed was caught running a two-sided operation where government-connected elitist ignored restrictions.

First, came video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sneaking into a San Francisco salon that was supposed to be closed, then came reports that San Francisco city officials from police and judges to paralegals were ignoring the order that required gyms to be closed

It turned out that SF government gyms remained open.

The exposure of the blatant hypocrisy under Breed’s watch left her no choice other than to suddenly allow the opening of gyms and salons for the common man.

Read the original article.

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Robert Wenzel

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