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Ep. 1789 How Historical Events, More Than Books, Convert People to Libertarianism

Ep. 1789 How Historical Events, More Than Books, Convert People to Libertarianism

Although plenty of people are dedicated to the official narrative about COVID, plenty of others recognize the damages of lockdown and the bizarre hysteria that’s driven the whole campaign. Some people will never look at the world, or the state, the same way again. So, encouraged by a suggestion inside my private group, I wondered: what were the events in my own life, the turning points, that steered me to the way I think now? Sponsor: Kratom is a natural remedy that has helped people deal with chronic pain, stress and anxiety, and to boost energy levels and focus. Try a free ounce of kratom , courtesy of Brave Botanicals.

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Tom Woods

Thomas E. Woods, Jr., is the 2019 winner of the Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award from the Austrian Economics Center in Vienna. He is a senior fellow of the Mises Institute and host of The Tom Woods Show, which releases a new episode every weekday. Visit

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