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Ad Placements Available To Purchase

Choose the type of ad placement you’d like to purchase. Ad space is first-come-first-served. If we already have a current advertiser for the “Above-The-Fold Banner” spot then that spot will be reserved for that advertiser until they terminate their ad. If all ad spots are full you can still request to be added to the queue once a particular spot becomes available.

No contracts! Cancel your ad anytime and you will only be billed for the time your ad was live. Monthly estimates are basis traffic analytics for August 2020

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Above-The-Fold Banner

Size: 725px x 90px – Cost: $5 CPM – Estimated Cost: $48.50/month


Above Post Banner

Size: 725px x 90px – Cost: $4 CPM – Estimated Cost: $38.80/month


Right Sidebar Top Spot

Size: 240px x 400px – Cost: $3 CPM – Estimated Cost: $29.10/month


Below Post Banner

Size: 725px x 90px – Cost: $3 CPM – Estimated Cost: $29.10/month


Footer Banner

Size: 725px x 90px – Cost: $3 CPM – Estimated Cost: $29.10/month


Right Sidebar

Size: 240px x 400px – Cost: Starts at $2 CPM – Estimated Cost: $19.40/month

(subtract $0.1 CPM for every ad above yours, except the top spot)


Each ad will be billed at the end of each month based on the monthly traffic to the website. CPM (Clicks per mille or thousand impressions) is determined by our internal traffic measuring metrics. All advertising clients will be supplied with a monthly traffic report at the end of every month. Traffic analytics does not determine if visitors are using ad-blocking tools since the detection of ad-blocking is not reliable.

You will receive an invoice within 7 business days of the end of the month for the cost of your ad(s) placement. Invoice payments will be handled by our website management partner AtmoVantage. Failure to pay an invoice on-time will result in your ad being removed. Repeat payment failures may also result in denial of future advertising.

Example: You purchase a Right Sidebar Top Spot for $3 CCM. Over the course of the month your ad is running and the Libertarian Hub receives 17,000 pageviews. At the end of the month you would receive an invoice for $51 (17,000 pageviews / 1000 x $3)


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