8/26/19 Philip Weiss on the Zionist Doctrine of the Trump Whitehouse

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Scott interviews Philip Weiss about Israel’s occupation of Palestine and the way the Palestinian people have been completely deprived of their rights there. Weiss is glad that the recent fiasco around Rashida Tlaib’s and Ilhan Omar’s visit to Israel has brought publicity to the BDS movement, but is baffled that most Americans are either unaware of Israel’s gross abuses, or simply don’t care.

Discussed on the show:

“Trump is parroting Zionist doctrine: U.S. Jews must be loyal to Israel” (Mondoweiss)“Political Upheaval Over Tlaib and Omar Shows the Power of BDS | Common Dreams Views” (Common Dreams)“’50-year-old Palestinians… have never lived in freedom their whole lives,’ Rivera says on Fox, defending Tlaib” (Mondoweiss)

Philip Weiss is the long-time editor of Mondoweiss.net. Follow him on Twitter @PhilWeiss.

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Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS—–Following is an auto-generated transcript of the episode.sorry I’m late. I had to stop by the wax museum again and did the finger that FDR We know Al Qaeda. Zawahiri is supporting the opposition in Syria. Are we supporting Al Qaeda in Syria? It’s a proud day for America. Ghad Kice, Knut Gnehm syndrome once and for all. Thank you Very I say And I see it again. Bin are trying to simply deny things that just about everybody else except Assn. Fact Saud Die away. Kila Maale Armey Khaleeq Illit Maale We be Awene Beito like, say, I’m Ain Bin Say it. Say it three times the meeting of the largest armies in the history of the world. Then that’s going to be an invasion Arak. Aren’t you guys introducing our friend Phil Weiss? He runs the great blawg Mondo Weiss at Monta weiss dot net. It’s you know, what do you have, like a a tagline or whatever I would say it’s It’s a liberal Jewish anti Zionism. Is that essentially right? Um, we try to you know, we don’t really say we’re Jewish. We did come out of the Jewish community and a lot of us who work. There are a few of us are Jewish, but I It’s more, you know, we’re a little bit more neutral now. News and opinion about Palestine. Israel in the U. S. So? But, yeah, we I come out. I’m sort of the most strongly identified juju, juju, typewriter. You know, I do talk about it a lot. Yeah. I mean, it’s my community have come out of, I feel like I know Itta writer supposed to write about what they know about, um this is all I know about, kind of from being young, you know? Now I’m not young, but whatever. You know, that’s something I know about. So I like to write about Jewish community. Yes, and I think it’s a very powerful community, so no one’s gonna shut me up on that one. Well, and you write about American politics, which you’re also an expert in, Well, Ind Ihsan, everybody you know, I mean, everyone’s got their opinion about Yeah, I I try to study American politics, but, you know, that’s as you and I both know that’s a long study and there are a lot of people engaged in it. And, um, yes, I’m my point of view on American politics and certainly the politics of the Israel lobby. I think that I consider myself expert in I. It’s something I’ve studied. I know a lot of information about it. Um and, ah, you know, I have a strong point of view that the Israel lobby is very runs our foreign policy in the Middle East, but, you know, that’s my point of view. But I can offer evidence to back that up you have. Boy, can you, uh and you know, I recommend or I don’t recommend depending on your choice is signing up for the Monta y Stalin net. Morning email on this is how I, you know,

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