FF 192 – Former Meth Dealer Finds Her Passion Training Fellow Inmates on Health and Fitness

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On today’s show Missy Trigg joins join to share the incredible turnaround that she made in her life.  

Missy received a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence for conspiracy to distribute 500 grams or more of methamphetamine and an additional five-year mandatory minimum sentence for possessing a gun at the same time. While in prison she didn’t let her time be wasted.

While incarcerated Melissa worked to receive a National Federation of Personal Trainers certification and started a “Biggest Loser” fitness camp, which she has used to help scores of incarcerated women lose weight and improve their health!

Melissa was released from prison on November 14, 2019. She is here today to share her story.

Melissa Trigg – 1st Offender – 15 years – Cando Clemency   Melissa Trigg – FAMM Site

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