9/13/19 Dan McAdams on the Great Ron Paul

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Scott and Dan McAdams rehash some of the heroic legacy of Ron Paul in light of Scott’s new book of his interview transcripts with Dr. Paul. Paul had both an authentic charisma with his constituents, and a real passion for what he felt was his calling in Washington D.C. Both are rare in politics today. McAdams reminds us how much of Paul’s job in congress could be loathsome to him, and yet he persisted out of a drive to do what he felt was right. Without more figures like him in Washington, it’s difficult to find people who can be a voice of reason on foreign policy, particularly where it matters most, like in President Trump’s National Security Council.

Discussed on the show:

Daniel McAdams is the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity and the co-host of the Ron Paul Liberty Report. Follow him on Twitter @DanielLMcAdams and read all of his work over at Antiwar.com.

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