Tesla Installs A Supercharger Station Powered By Diesel Generator At Nürburgring  

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Tesla Installs A Supercharger Station Powered By Diesel Generator At Nürburgring  

Auto Motor Und Sport has revealed that Tesla installed a Supercharger station, powered by a diesel generator at Nürburgring motorsports complex, located in the town of Nürburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, earlier this week.

A large shipping container from the US arrived at the track on Monday. Tesla employees spent the day unpacking the Supercharger and a large diesel generator that has since powered the Model S, expected to perform three weeks of tests at the track. 

The German magazine said the noisy generator is running 24/7, which has made the neighbors of the racetrack very angry. The diesel generator is expected to be operational through the end of September.

Tesla tweeted on Wednesday: “We installed a Supercharger at Nürburgring. Makes it feel like home, you know?,” but left out the fact that a dirty diesel generator is supplying the Supercharger power.


One social media user reportedly snapped a picture of the diesel generator at Nürburgring.


A Tesla charging map of Nürburg reveals a charging station is located about a quarter-mile away in town. But it appears the charging station isn’t a Supercharger and would take too long to charge the Model S. So it makes sense, on a logistical basis, why Tesla brought a mobile diesel generator, considering the town nor racetrack have Supercharger stations.

Nürburgring track officials have so far timed the Model S at 7:23, which is 19 seconds quicker than the Porsche Taycan’s record for an EV sedan around the track. Tesla had to make drastic changes to the Model S, such as a significant powertrain upgrade, new fender flares, and wider tires. It’s unknown if Porsche did the same for the Taycan.

There was no mention from the German magazine about how Porsche charged Taycan’s batteries. 

The magazine concluded by saying (translated by Google):

“Porsche’s electric rider Taycan seems to be making sleepless nights for Elon Musk – now the Tesla boss wants to prove that he still has the sporting authority over electric cars. Should one of his charged over diesel aggregates Model S actually crack the Nordschleife time of the Taycan, Porsche is in the duty – after all, despite hype and Taycan sell-off with waiting a start as the second most sporty electric car is a salted start. If Tesla fails, that would be a hard blow for Musk. But the Laguna Seca record was already a good start to the record hunt. And the hand-stopped Nordschleife time is ever a real announcement.”

And the dirty truth for virtue-signaling electric car drivers, especially those who drive Teslas, is that the energy has to come from somewhere. And it appears a diesel generator is currently powering one Tesla at the Nürburgring track this month. 

Tyler Durden

Thu, 09/19/2019 – 18:05

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