Thanks to our Fall Campaign Donors

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“Thank you!” to the generous supporters, below, who have donated to our Fall Campaign. The best people in the world support the Mises Institute. Will you join them?

Abdelhamid Abdou
Steve Abel
Ioan Acostachioaie
Maurus Armin Adam
Nicholas Allan
Ciro Andrade
Jordan Appler
James Auden
Bill Austin
George Autry
B.B. and Pia Bastani
Donald Berryman
Marcy Betzer
Scott Burkhardt
Jason V. Calvasina
Russell Casey
George Chiappino
Andrew Chipman
George C. Christy
John Ciccotelli
Peter Clancy
Michael Cordova
Edgar Coyle
Ryan Crawford
Joseph Crowe
Mary Beth Crumly
Ryan Cummins
Natalie Danelishen
Thomas Dattenberg-Doyle
Andrew Diab
Stefan Dierks
Neil Dixon
James F. Dudley
Jarrod Eagle
Joshua Enderle
Marvin Falz
Ross Faris
Joseph D. Feifer
J. Guillermo Figueroa
David Forbes
J. Bruce Gabriel
Susan Gardner
George Giles
Margarita Gomes
Brett Grasse
Oscar Eduardo Grau Rotela
James Grohs
Karen Guidry
Kelly Hackmann
Christin Hale
Michael Hanickel
Randall Hansen
James Hart
John Hendrickson
Tuan Hoang
Raymond Hodgkinson
Shayne Holmes
Jasson Merritt
Trevor Hubbard
Andreas Huebner
Chris Hulme
Chuck Hurst
Pavel Ilcik
Mikhail Iurinov
Prof. Mark D. Jackson
Jesse Jardim
Guojie Jia
Ian Johnson
Dr. Richard A. Jones
Edward P. Jucevic
Peter J. Kalisky
Mike Krentz
Patrick Kristiansen
Jeffrey Kyle
Jenna Caitlyn Laino
Barron Lataquin
Stephen Lawson
Christine Lewis
Barry Linetsky
Thomas Lonergan
J. Stuart MacLean
Yuri Maltsev
Tom Manning
Samuel Matthews
William Mawley-Mills
Timothy McGraw
Martin Mendez
Daivy Merlijs
William Metz
Rick Miller
Michel Molnar
Shawn Morgan
Perry W. Munger
Sofjan Yang Mustopoh
Michael Naaden
Christopher Nawrot
Robert D. Neff
Gregory Norton
Robert OBrien
David Osborne
Steven Oswald
Frank Page
Neal Phenes
Derek Porter
Nicholas John Pothier
Amy Power
Michael T. Powers
James Pride
Anthony Prudden, PhD
William Purnell
Peter R. Quinones
Jacob Radford
Gary Richied
Jeremy Rinebolt
Diego Rivera
Carlos Rossi
Joaquim Saad de Carvalho
Ryan Schmitt
Josh Schwartz
David Sears
Stephen C. Sebastian
John P. Sharkey
Mary Sherry
Clifton Sipe
Ed Smith
Nikhil Sridhar
Razvan Stavarache
Timothy E. Stevens
Byron L. Stoeser
Michael Stojack
Chun Lin Tam
Darryl Taylor
Michael Tedesco
Robert Temple
M. Allen Thexton
Henry Thompson
John B. Trolinger
Charles G. Ullery
Scott and Cathy Ullery
Gerald W. Vaughan
Jorge Velasquez
Johannes Videbaek
Kyle Wagner
Dr. Bret Wagner
William Weathers
Galen Weiss
Robin Wohlstadter
Roger Woodward
Brian Wookey
Zachary Yost

We need you. The goal of our Fall Campaign is simple — to increase our membership and our influence. Please take time to donate TODAY.

All donors will be listed on our homepage this week. Recurring donors of $5 or more, or one-time donors of $60 or more, will receive a free copy of Nation, Migration, and Trade by Dr. Joseph Salerno.

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