China Launches New Attack Ship With Capabilities Of Invading Taiwan

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China Launches New Attack Ship With Capabilities Of Invading Taiwan

We have outlined that China represents one of the greatest long-term strategic threats to the Indo-Pacific region and the US military that operates with-in. President Trump made it extremely clear last week that the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) is a “threat to the world.”

New reports surfaced on Twitter indicating the PLAN has started the launch process of a new amphibious assault ship that could soon be capable of launching an attack on Taiwan.

A statement from the PLAN Wednesday said the Type 075, a helicopter carrier displacing more than 30,000 tons, is undergoing launch preparations at China State Shipbuilding Corporation’s Hudong-Zhonghua shipyard, reported Naval News.

The statement said water is being pumped into the dry dock in which the ship’s hull was built.

PLAN officials said Type 075 is a new class of warship, entirely produced in China, will be able to carry out amphibious combat missions.

Development work on Type 075 started in 2011, and it will be a “vertical” amphibious assault vessel capable of launching attacks on the mountainous East Coast of Taiwan.

For comparison, the Type 075 is slightly smaller than the US Navy’s landing helicopter assault vessel and more comparable to ones that are currently deployed in the Australian Navy.

The expected launch of Type 075 could be during a massive military parade in Beijing next week (Oct. 01). The PLAN will show the world its advanced vessels, fifth-generation fighters, advanced combat drones, robots, main battle tanks, and a show of force that could result in a few angry tweets from President Trump.

China has declared Taiwan as its territory although it has never controlled it, and threatens to invade by military force if Taipei resists unification.

Chinese and foreign analysts don’t see China launching an amphibious attack on Taiwan in the near term, rather a conflict with the US could spiral out of control in the South/East China Sea.

“Looking at various flashpoints in Asia including the Korean peninsula and the South China Sea, I have come to the conclusion that Taiwan is the most dangerous one,” Brendan Taylor, a strategic studies professor at Australian National University, told the Financial Times.

China has a long term plan, and it’s by the year 2049, Taiwan will be under Beijing control, which means sometime in the coming decades, a war could break out between both countries.

The world is positioning for conflict, and the reports we bring you — detail how countries are actively preparing for that inevitable day.

Tyler Durden

Thu, 09/26/2019 – 01:00


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