Pro-Tesla Blog Admits Porsche Taycan’s Acceleration Makes Model 3 Feel Like “Dad’s Honda Accord”

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Pro-Tesla Blog Admits Porsche Taycan’s Acceleration Makes Model 3 Feel Like “Dad’s Honda Accord”

Anybody who has been following the Tesla story closely knows that there are several pro-Tesla blogs constantly spewing out propaganda in support of the company. These blogs notoriously include names like electrek, Clean Technica and Inside EVs. When they are not bursting at the seams with whatever narrative Tesla has recently provided them with to talk about, they also spend time taking shots  at short sellers and anyone who is skeptical of Tesla or the boy genius himself, Elon Musk.

But the tide looks as though it could be starting to turn, with the help of the folks over at Porsche. 

The bloggers over at Inside EVs finally got their hands on a Porsche Taycan and were able to review it and take it out for a first drive. Blogger Tom Moloughney published a lengthy writeup on their site on Tuesday.

The review was dripping with enthusiasm for the Porsche and, not only that, took a couple of shots at Tesla’s Model 3. 

Calling the Taycan a “Porsche through and through”, the review opens by saying that they were “able to get our Taycan up to 167 MPH and the car felt incredibly solid and stable.”

Porsche says the car’s top speed is 161 mph, but the company has a history of offering conservative performance figures in the past, the reviewer notes: “Full road tests often reveal better numbers than the official statistics that Porsche provides.”

Talking about the car’s acceleration, the reviewer says that the Taycan makes Tesla’s Model 3 feel like “my dad’s Honda Accord” and that the car “totally spoiled” him. 

“What I was most astounded by was the crushing assault of the G forces every time you mash the accelerator to the floor,” he says. 

He continues:

“In fact, after driving the Taycan Turbo S about 500 miles from Copenhagen, Denmark to Hamburg, Germany, my Model 3 (long-range dual-motor) now feels as if it accelerates like my dad’s Honda Accord. That’s how brutally powerful the Taycan is, and how it has totally spoiled me.

He then again notes that the car stays well under control while accelerating, saying its tires and traction control “do a wonderful job of keeping the vehicle under control, as it furiously launches forward.”

The reviewer continues:

“This is an enormous step into the future for the brand, and if their first electric car was undeserving of the Porsche crest, then I think it would have seriously tarnished the brand, and possibly even hurt the perception of all electric cars. Luckily, that didn’t happen. 

I can honestly say had more fun driving the Taycan than I’ve had in any car since driving an original Tesla Roadster back in 2009.”

And finally, he concludes: “Porsche did what they needed to; they made the Taycan at least as good – actually better, than any of their conventionally-fueled offerings.”

We’re sure this review will head to the long list of things about the Taycan that appear to be giving Elon Musk a nervous breakdown.

Musk seemed uneasy when the Taycan was first released and, since then, he has seen his customized Model S break down on the Nurburgring while being lapped by a Taycan and now has his blogger sycophants doing bits about the Model 3.

With reviews like these – even despite the substantial price tag – it’s a very real possibility that the Taycan could live up to its nickname as a “Tesla killer”. 

Tyler Durden

Thu, 09/26/2019 – 12:41

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