Yet More, High-Quality Video Of Trudeau In Blackface Has Emerged

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Yet More, High-Quality Video Of Trudeau In Blackface Has Emerged

“It is a racist shame by any measure, a self-imposed humiliation that will cling to Justin Trudeau for life, regardless of how Canada’s next election ends up,” the Toronto Star wrote upon publishing the full backstory behind Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s blackface scandal. 

The publication has gotten hold of a previously unreleased high-quality video of Trudeau’s third blackface incident, after a grainy and very brief version had been first released by Global News

“It was a costume day for river guides on the whitewater rafting operation that I worked at in the summer between ‘92 and ’94, roughly,” Trudeau had admitted apologetically over a week ago after the brief, grainy clip had initially surfaced. From the full context and close-up of the new higher quality video, it’s evident that Trudeau, who would have been between 21 and 23 years old at the time, was the only one on the trip wearing the offensive ‘blackface’ make-up, along with an afro wig and what appears to be a shirt with toucans on it (when the grainier first version surfaced, there was some debate over whether bananas were printed on the shirt).

A young Trudeau is seen just after the 40-second mark in the rafting trip video montage in full blackface, with the make-up covering his legs as well, making gestures toward the camera and sticking out his tongue. 

Over the weekend the Toronto Star put up the high-quality video, but then without explanation set it to ‘private’ – removing it from public view, only leaving the still frame picture. 

Of course, it quickly appeared on social media thereafter. Following pressure from other outlets, the video was set to public again. “After seven hours, the Star has finally made the video available to the public,” Canada’s The Post Millennial reported.

As The Sun explains further, it’s the first video to show the full context of one of the three incidents which surfaced earlier this month, but the fuller version certainly makes it worse, considering he’s “the only one who dons blackface and afro” among the many people filmed on the trip:

A previous blurry image from this moment was widely circulated, but now a high-quality video showing Mr Trudeau has come out.

In the full clip, pals are white water rafting and kayaking during the day before a fancy dress party.

Mr Trudeau is the only one who dons a blackface and afro as he cheekily sticks his tongue out for the camera.

The clip shows he even went as far as to paint his knees and his tongue black.

But this was not a one-off for the holier-than-thou politician, who is known for calling others out for racism.

As multiple publications have highlighted, now only weeks out from Canada’s federal elections, Trudeau quickly pivoted away from the controversy after issuing a brief apology, first proposing a ban on military-style assault rifles, and this past week joining climate change protests. 

His lame attempt at dramatic political distraction controversial arms restriction proposal also seeks to give cities the power to ban handguns. This is as there’s clear evidence suggesting he and his Liberal Party are slipping in the polls in the wake of the blackface scandal. 

There’s also the distinct possibility that even more images and video could emerge, considering he himself previously admitted there could be more out there, and that “he didn’t totally remember”.

Tyler Durden

Sun, 09/29/2019 – 09:20

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