10/4/19 Adam Wunische on the Real Costs of the War in Afghanistan

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Adam Wunische joins the show to discuss his work in assessing the true costs of the war in Afghanistan and the future of the American military there. He and Scott remind us that most metrics used to describe the costs of war assume that you can put a value on the loss of human lives, the physical and mental suffering of soldiers who do come home, and all the other subtle effects felt at home by the citizens of a nation at war. Clearly that’s not true, and it probably explains why the country has turned so strongly against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, including the veterans of these wars themselves.

Discussed on the show:

  • “The Real Costs of the War in Afghanistan” (The New Republic)
  • “Veterans doubt value of wars in Iraq, Afghanistan in new poll” (Military Times)

Adam Wunische is a researcher for the Quincy Institute, an instructor at George Washington University’s Security Policy Studies program, and a PhD candidate at Boston College. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army, completing two deployments to Afghanistan. Follow him on Twitter @AdamWunische.

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