Is Greta Thunberg A Putin Puppet? German Politician Demands Answers

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Is Greta Thunberg A Putin Puppet? German Politician Demands Answers

Russian President Vladimir Putin may have openly shamed 16-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg in early October for selectively guilting everyone except China over pollution, but one German politician has suggested the Kremlin may have actually “financed and steered” her eco movement

In a letter to the European Commission, Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) MEP Jörg Meuthen questioned the measures Europe has taken to “avert hybrid threats” that may “influence decision-making, to weaken societies and undermine unity.” 

Meuthen then points to several campaigns, such as Thunberg’s “Fridays for Future” school protest movement, along with those by Greenpeace and NGO rescue boats in the Mediterranean. He then inquires whether the EU has investigated said campaigns, and if so, he would like to know what they have concluded. 

And lastly, he asks if the Commission can “rule out the possibility that these campaigns are being financed and steered by Russia.” 

Shirley you must be joking…

If Thunberg is a Putin puppet, he must have clearly been drumming up sympathy for the autistic eco-avenger. After she shamed the UN earlier this month for “ruining her childhood,” Putin shamed her back – saying “Sure, Greta is kind, but emotions should not control this issue.”

Go and explain to developing countries why they should continue living in poverty and not be like Sweden,” he added, before saying that it was deplorable how some groups are using Thunberg to achieve their own goals

Tyler Durden

Wed, 10/16/2019 – 04:15

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