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President’s Impact Report — Third Quarter 2019

Faculty, Associated Scholars, and More

  • In July, the Mises Institute hosted Mises University in Auburn, Alabama.
  • Mises U featured 167 attendees from 94 colleges and universities, 25 countries, and 26 US states.
  • Mises U faculty also featured several first-time members, including Shawn Ritenour (Grove City College), Lukasz Dominiak (Nicolas Copernicus University), Jason Jewell (Faulkner University), and Ryan McMaken (Mises Institute).
  • Mises U Lectures can be viewed here.

The Libertarian Scholars Conference returned to The King’s College in New York City, this September.

  • The conference featured attendees from 46 colleges and universities, including 12 countries and 23 states. Thanks to our donors, we had 21 students on scholarship.
  • This year’s keynote speakers were Michael Rectenwald, formally of New York University, and Saifedean Ammous, Lebanese American University. 
  • Selected video from LSC is available here. Audio is available here.

 Volume 22, Issue 2 of the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics was published

Mises Audio

Chris Sciabarra recently discovered some American history talks by Murray Rothbard that were recorded in 1979 and 1980 at NYC. They are now available online at

Top 5 Podcast Episodes of the Quarter are:

1. Human Action Podcast: Everything About Negative Interest Rates with Bob Murphy

2. Human Action Podcast: Hazlitt in One Lesson with Walter Block

3. Human Action Podcast: The Anti-Capitalist Mentality with Andy Duncan

4. Human Action Podcast: Nation, State, and Economy with Ryan McMaken

5. Human Action Podcast: Why the Fed’s Mythology Endures with Murray Sabrin

Media Recognition

  • Jeff Deists media appearances this quarter include: The Daily Ledger on OAN, The News with Rick Sanchez on RT, and the Terry Maxwell Show on KNZR. He is a regular on A Neighbor’s Choice, a WFLA talk radio show in the Orlando market hosted by David Goronoski.
  • Ryan McMaken was referenced in multiple articles this quarter, with publications including the Bond Buyer, the Epoch Times, the New York Post, Bank Rate, and International Business Times.
  • Mark Thornton was quoted in the New York Post and interviewed by Apple Daily, the second largest publication in Hong Kong.
  • Tho Bishop had an op-ed published in the Washington Times.
  • Numerous Mises Wire articles were republished in high volume sites including ZeroHedge, Seeking Alpha, and Eurasia Review.

Publications and Bookstore

The Mises Institute Bookstore released new products, including a Ron Paul bust and Mises Institute Keychain.

We’ve published new minibooks, including A Roundabout Approach to Austrian Macroeconomics by Roger W. Garrison and Nation, Migration, and Trade by Joseph Salerno

The Mises Institute will be publishing a new edition of Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt, featuring a new foreword by Jeff Deist

Top Ten New Articles of the Quarter:

Greta Thunberg To Poor Countries: Drop Dead by Ryan McMaken

Walmart’s Healthcare Experiment Has Begun, It May Be A Game Changer by Gary North

Media Focus on Mass Shootings Shows Disconnect from Actual Crime Trends by Ryan McMaken

In New “Mind-Blowing” Study, Planting Trees Reduces Carbon Better Than Carbon Taxes by Robert P. Murphy

When State Governors Tried To Take Back Control of the National Guard by Ryan McMaken

Baltimore’s Homicide Rate Is Ten Times Larger than the US Rate by Ryan McMaken

Federal Judges Are Waging War on the Fourth Amendment by Chris Calton

Why They Keep Trying to Blame Capitalists for Slavery by Ryan McMaken

Tolkien, Christianity, and the State by Zachary Yost

Why the Dollar Rules the World — And Why Its Reign Could End by Antony P. Mueller

Top 3 PDF Book Downloads of the Quarter:

Human Action, 205,448 downloads

Theory of Money and Credit, 45,666 downloads

The Market for Liberty, 16,914 downloads

Mises Institute International:

A translation of Ron Paul’s End the Fed was published in Korean thanks to a young scholar who plans to start Mises Institute Korea.

Total Third Quarter Pageviews of 223,300

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