A Massive Backlash is Building Against Fake Meat Products

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When it comes to foods that people miss most when giving up red meat for health reasons, burgers are firmly at the top of the list. That’s why some food companies have been putting so much effort into finding meatless alternatives. While products from Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods might look and taste like the real thing, they’re hardly the healthier alternative their manufacturers would like you to believe.

In fact, in the wake of the popularity of these fake meats, a massive backlash has been building as those who know better have finally had enough of the misinformation surrounding the so-called food. As Natural News has been saying all along, these products give people a false sense of doing something good for their bodies and are precisely the type of processed foods people who care about their health should be avoiding.

One of the voices of dissent is the CEO of Chipotle, Brian Niccol, who has said that the products are simply too processed for the menu of his restaurant chain as they focus on using real foods and short ingredient lists. Chipotle is joined by Arby’s and Taco Bell in pledging not to add these biotech meats to their menus.

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey is also not a fan, telling CNBC that many of the burgers getting a lot of hype right now are “super, highly processed foods.” He said he’s not willing to endorse them from a health standpoint.

Consumers are also waking up to the reality of these offerings, especially vegans. That’s because when you get them at a restaurant, they are often grilled using the same broiler as beef patties, and animal testing was used to create the Impossible Burger.

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