FF 201 – Twitter Philanthropy: Felon Struggling with Reentry Received $10,000 for Retweet

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On today’s episode of Felony Friday I’m joined by Sherri Miller. Sherri is a formerly incarcerated felon who is one of Bill Pulte’s twitter philanthropy recipients. 

Sherri hit Bill’s Twitter lottery on Oct. 1 when she retweeted a post promising to give out $10,000 and was selected at random. She shares how Pulte’s gift has helped her to get back on her feet and to give back to other individuals struggling with addiction. 

Sherri was released from prison in July 2018 after being convicted on charges of meth possession and trafficking during a case in May 2014 While in prison, Sherri went through addictions and trauma rehabilitation programs and got clean. At the time of her “Twitter lottery win” she was working hard to succeed after prison, but was struggling to pay fines in order to get her drivers’ license back and get a car. 

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