Elon Musk Tweets That “Bitcoin” Is Not His Safe Word

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Elon Musk Tweets That “Bitcoin” Is Not His Safe Word

By now, you probably know that Elon Musk appears to have knocked up his girlfriend, Grimes.

And just when you thought that was more than enough information on the billionaire’s personally, you fire up the Bloomberg terminal and wind up staring at this:

The headline comes from an Elon Musk tweet where the CEO, who is probably delirious with joy after watching his stock hit all time highs while facing zero accountability from the NHTSA, tweeted “Bitcoin is *not* my safe word”.

A “safe word” is, of course, a word used by sexual partners during rough sex. It’s a proverbial “tap out” when things make the transition from playful to harmful. You know, like the Fed with monetary policy over the last 20 years.

And regardless of whether Musk is serious or not remains to be seen, but that didn’t stop CCN from running an article with the title “Elon Musk Likes Shouting ‘Bitcoin’ While Having Sex”. 

And just like that, the voices of millions of Bloomberg terminal users cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. 

We can’t tell if it’s a commentary from Musk on cryptocurrency. CCN notes “in the past, Musk has described bitcoin as quite brilliant.He’s even had his Twitter account suspended for half-jokingly urging one of his followers to buy the cryptocurrency.” In April he tweeted, “Cryptocurrency is my safe word.” 

Regardless, it seems like more time well spent on Twitter for the world’s favorite boy genius. We wonder how those 100 hour work weeks are still coming along.

And for us, this Tweet and the pregnancy news amount to far more Elon Musk sex-related news than we would ever want. 

But hey – if we had gotten away with all of the lies and deceit that Musk has over the last decade while the market rewards our cash incinerating company with a nearly $100 billion enterprise value, we’d be horny too. 

Tyler Durden

Sat, 01/11/2020 – 19:00

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