FF 211 – Systematic Sexual Abuse at a Florida Prison – Former and Current Inmates File Lawsuit

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On today’s show Lauren Reynolds joins John to share her story. Lauren, along with thirteen other women, are standing up and doing their best to expose the criminal behavior they were subjected to while in the federal system by filing a lawsuit against the US Government. 

Lauren begins by sharing her background and how she ended up with a twelve year sentence for being a felon in possession of a firearm. She served 9.5 year of the sentence and it was toward the end of the sentence, during her time at the Coleman Federal Correctional Complex in Florida, when things got really bad. She’s here today to share her experience and to draw attention to systemic sexual abuse and harassment she was subjected to and witnessed while in in federal prison.

Rape is rampant at this women’s prison. Anyone who complains is punished, lawsuit says.

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