Chinese Nurse Says 90,000 Already Infected In Emotional Plea For Help

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Chinese Nurse Says 90,000 Already Infected In Emotional Plea For Help

A viral video, reposted on Twitter 48 hours ago, has more than 800k views and reveals an urgent message from a Wuhan nurse, who claims more than 90,000 people in China have been infected with the fast-spreading coronavirus

An unverified translation of the nurse, posted by @purplelovehime, has been retweeted more than 13.7k times since Saturday, states: “I am Jin Wei. I am currently inside the Wuhan outbreak region, Han Hou area. I would like to describe the condition inside the Hubei province, as well as the outbreak situation in the entire China. Currently, there are already 90,000 cases of pneumonia contraction.” 

“What is the rate of contraction? If one person contracted this disease and is not properly quarantined and treated, this I individual will infect 14 people that came in contact with him. That is a significant multiplier. During the spring festival, in our culture, families like to get together, dine together. But this is unlike any other years. I hope that people can stay home, do not gather, and do not visit families. There is a spring festival every year. If everyone can stay safe, you can always get together later,” the unverified translation of the nurse said. 

The translation went on to say that medical supplies from bio suits, medical masks, goggles, and gloves “are in great shortages.”

The nurse, in an emotional plea, said everyone in Wuhan and surrounding cities to “not go out! Stay home!” 

The translation ended with the nurse delivering some “very bad news:”

The coronavirus has mutated. It is now a second-generation virus. When it was still in its first generation, we were still able to treat this… However, after the last mutation, it became deadly… The rate of infection are now increasing exponentially. So please remember do not go out, do not visit people, do not gather in a group, do not have dinner party.”

We noted on Sunday that about 5 million residents had already left Wuhan before the lockdown started. This could suggest that many people carrying the coronavirus, during the incubation period, could spread the virus without them evening knowing it. 

“From observations, the virus is capable of transmission even during the incubation period,” said Ma Xiaowei, the minister in charge of China’s National Health Commission (NHC), adding that the incubation period lasted from one to 14 days. “Some patients have normal temperatures, and there are many milder cases. There are hidden carriers,” Ma said.

China has already closed off 17 cities and locked down tens of millions of people to prevent further transmission of the virus. Any attempt to limit the spread has likely failed. 

Tyler Durden

Sun, 01/26/2020 – 15:30

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