Vermont Introduces Bill To Add Emojis To License Plates

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Vermont Introduces Bill To Add Emojis To License Plates

The fine folks in Vermont, responsible for bringing us bright ideas like maple syrup chugging, Bernie Sanders and occasionally the baggie of low quality Canadian marijuana, could be adding another national trend to their resume: license plates with emojis. 

The state’s distinctive green license plates could wind up being even more noticeable thanks to new legislation being introduced in the state that could allow emojis on license plates, according to the NY Post.

State Rep. Rebecca White has introduced the bill, which would allow drivers to add one of six emojis to their plate when registering a vehicle in Vermont. The symbols would be added to the plate’s registration number and would not replace any letters or numbers assigned by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles. 

“As long as they’re appropriate, I’m all for it,” said Mary-Jo Roldan to NBC News.

There were over 3000 common emojis at the time the bill was introduced and the bill doesn’t say which ones drivers would be able to choose from. 

Local residents seem to be ecstatic over the idea. Vermont resident Pam Buck, of Weathersfield, said: “I guess it’s an OK idea. I wouldn’t say it’s good. I wouldn’t say it’s bad. It’s not hurting anybody.”

Queensland, Australia passed similar legislation in 2019, allowing emoticons on state registered plates. The plates cost drivers $336 each. Drivers in Australia have the option to select from the laughing, smiling, wink, “love” or sunglasses emojis to put on their plates.

Vermont has not yet put a price on the proposed vanity plates. 

Tyler Durden

Mon, 01/27/2020 – 21:25

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