Coronavirus Attention “Way Overblown”, Dr. Ron Paul Warns Real Danger Is Fed “Doesn’t Have Control”

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Coronavirus Attention “Way Overblown”, Dr. Ron Paul Warns Real Danger Is Fed “Doesn’t Have Control”

Dr. Ron Paul appeared Wednesday on the Quoth the Raven Podcast to speak with host Chris Irons about the coronavirus, Fed policy and gold prices heading into the election. 

To start, Dr. Paul claimed that he thought fears about the virus were overblown. He said the virus is being reported on “way out of proportion with the amount of attention people should be giving it.”

“The danger is way overblown. There’s no way what I’m saying is perfectly clear, I’m just going by my best and what’s happened in the past,” he said.

When asked about the origins of the virus and whether he thought it could have been human-made, he said:

“About whether or not it came from a laboratory or was produced deliberately, I just don’t think so.”

“It’s all a gimmick, probably to try and sell more vaccines,” Dr. Paul commented when asked about whether or not he believed China’s data about the virus.

Dr. Paul said he didn’t believe just as he doesn’t believe the U.S. when it came to China’s macroeconomic data. From there, Dr. Paul talked about the addiction to money printing the Fed currently has. 

“It’s the middle class that suffers” when the Fed destroys the money, Dr. Paul said. And when asked about whether or not its possible to even gauge risk anymore, given the amount of money printing that has taken place in the U.S., he replied that he didn’t think it was possible.  

When speaking about the Trump administration’s policy of continuing to print money, Dr. Paul said there are “short-term benefits” but that ultimately, “the Fed doesn’t have control” of what happens in the long term.

“They don’t have control and it just drives them nuts,” Dr. Paul says.

“The markets are more powerful.”

When asked about what he thought the price of gold would do heading into the November election, Dr. Paul commented: “The gold price is going up. Spending is excessive and it’s going to get worse. And it will be monetized.”

“There’s always an excuse for gold to jump $100,” Dr. Paul concluded.

When asked about the country’s consistent position of being at war in the middle east, Dr. Paul said it “makes him sick” when congresspeople use the constitution and freedom as an excuse to go to war.

Finally, on the topic of the impeachment, Dr. Paul said:

“They’re trying to impeach a President out of clear blue hatred…”

You can listen to the full interview here:

Tyler Durden

Wed, 01/29/2020 – 21:45

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