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UK Schools Warned To Watch Out For “Xenophobia” As Coronavirus Spreads

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UK Schools Warned To Watch Out For “Xenophobia” As Coronavirus Spreads

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

The UK Boarding Schools’ Association is more concerned about mean words on the Internet than the outbreak of the coronavirus, warning its students that any expressions of “xenophobia” against Chinese people will not be tolerated.

Despite the fact that there have been no such recorded instances of “xenophobia” by the Association, it “issued new instructions that its members should be watchful for prejudice against Chinese pupils by others, be it online or in person.”

Schools were warned to stay alert for any signs of xenophobia by students towards one another, or by any external audiences, either in school or on social media sites.”

“Such behaviour should not be tolerated and action should be taken against anyone acting in this way,” said the Association, despite its spokesperson admitting, “We have not heard of anything happening in our schools.”

Thank God courageous school authorities have their finger on the pulse amidst a rapidly spreading potential pandemic and have faced up to the real threat it poses to large numbers of people gathered in close spaces; That threat being that someone might get offended.

“What does it say about the West that our “authorities” appear to be more concerned with stopping the spread of “xenophobia” than stopping the spread of a global pandemic which could kill millions?” asked Chris Menahan.

Despite China banning sales of bizarre “food” at animal markets across the country, including bat and snake, and despite experts linking the markets with the outbreak of the virus, progressive media outlets have also tried to frame any criticism of Chinese people’s bizarre and dangerous eating habits as racist.


A typical response is the above, from David Farrier, who tweeted, “had a few people tell me now that the coronavirus is due to people eating whole bats in soup. for one thing, not true. second thing: get used to the idea that people eat different stuff to you.”


Chinese people kill and eat 10-20 million dogs every single year, David. Should we “get used” to that idea too?

Also, eating bats is gross, no matter who does it and in what country.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DM_hRWVNcMk]

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Tyler Durden

Wed, 01/29/2020 – 03:30

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