Watch: Biden Again Gets Physical In Tense Confrontation With Iowa Voter

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Watch: Biden Again Gets Physical In Tense Confrontation With Iowa Voter

The latest incident went down Tuesday night in Iowa when former Iowa state representative Ed Fallon who’s actually a well-known figure among progressives for his environmental activism — approached the former vice president to simply asked about building new pipelines and where he stands on climate change. 

A visibly frustrated Biden pointedly told Fallon, “go vote for someone else” and then proceeded to dress the Democrat voter down apparently on the assumption he was being trolled by a Bernie Sanders supporter. The video of the encounter wherein Biden actually gets physical with the former state rep quickly went viral.

In a summary of the Democratic candidate’s recent series of strange and tense run-ins with his own constituency, The Guardian aptly observed“Biden apparently doesn’t care if you vote for him. No, really.”

It was Biden that took the encounter from peaceful to contentious and awkward in a matter of seconds.

Mr Biden poked and grabbed Ed Fallon, who served in Iowa’s general assembly and leads an organisation aimed at tackling the climate crisis, after the candidate pressed him about his loyalty in the election.

In a video of the exchange, Mr Fallon asks the candidate: “I like you, and I’m going to support you if win the nomination because we have to get rid of [Donald Trump], but what are we going to do about climate change? … We have to stop building and replacing pipelines.” — The Independent

The exchange went like this:

“You’re asking [for] a picture of me, coming in to tell me you don’t support me, my plan,” Biden said.

“In the general. I’m running for a primary, a caucus, that’s what I’m running for, OK,” he said pointing in the man’s chest.

Biden then assumed the man was a Sanders supporter, to which the man replied: “I’m actually supporting Tom Steyer.”

Steyer actually responded to the incident on Twitter. “This is no way to treat an Iowan,” he said.

A number of commentators also noted that like with other moments Biden got unnecessarily confrontational, his hands went straight to the man’s chest, and at one point Biden even appears to firmly poke the man in the chest with his finger.

Liberal commentators are starting to note that this unwelcome ‘handsiness’ is a serious problem, and will continue to be.

* * *

And now a quick trip down memory lane. The Guardian notes these other incidents of the past few months: 

“You should vote for Trump,” Biden told a protester.

And who can forget the “damn liar” and what sounded like “Look, fat” moment:

There’s this one too, which perhaps received less media attention:

The previous month in North Carolina, Biden was dismissive of an 18-year-old member of the Sunrise Movement who expressed concern over his acceptance of Super Pac donations. “Look at my record, child,” he said.

The same activist group, the Sunrise Movement, then later confronted Biden, who taking an immediate aggressive posture where he grabs the man by the shoulders, had this to say:

And it’s not just voters…

Biden gets angry and lays hands on members of the press:

“Why why why why why why… You’re gettin nervous man!” Biden said. 

Indeed Joe Biden’s campaign continues to implode

Tyler Durden

Wed, 01/29/2020 – 18:25

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