Watch Live: WHO Holds Press Conference After Adding Thursday Emergency Session

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Watch Live: WHO Holds Press Conference After Adding Thursday Emergency Session

Update (1111ET): After some confusion about the timing, the WHO’s Wednesday press conference has begun.

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The WHO is still apparently took worried about the fragility of global equity markets to finally acknowledge that the novel coronavirus outbreak has metastasized into a global pandemic.

A press conference that was supposed to be held Wednesday afternoon in Switzerland was postponed, and then postponed again. Now, the organization is saying it plans to reconvene its emergency committee meeting on Thursday.

The press conference hasn’t yet been cancelled. Instead, it’s been moved to 2 pm (where it will compete directly with Jerome Powell).


Meanwhile, the WHO’s Director-General tweeted Wednesday that the organization had made an embarrassing error in its ‘situation report’ published earlier this week. Due to a “human error”, the word “moderate” was wrongly inserted in the organizations’ risk assessment of the coronavirus, basically admitting that they mistakenly played down the severity of the crisis.

In a second tweet, he said the Emergency Committee would have “more news” tomorrow.

Dr. Ghebreyesus has just returned from Beijing, where he met with senior Chinese officials and praised Beijing’s response to the outbreak However, the local officials who have been set up by Beijing for scapegoating claimed yesterday that their hands were initially tied by Beijing.

Tyler Durden

Wed, 01/29/2020 – 11:12

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